About us

Kim Thompson

Hi, I'm Kim Thompson, entrepreneur and educator. I love kids and I love art! When you put kids and art together magic happens! I founded Art & Doodles in 2002 and Art & Company in 2012 with the goal to offer children a safe and beautiful space to use their imagination and grow creatively. I have spent my life exploring and developing amazing ways to encourage and engage children in the art of self expression, creativity, and thinking. As a youth I planned all kinds of fun activities for friends, and neighborhood children including, spook houses, lemonade stands, plays, flower sales, guppy farms, and even selling shinny pennies for money! I was a born entrepreneur. Since I also live for teaching kids new things I became a teacher. I spent many years teaching in public schools both math and art. I'm certified in both! So crazy! I love my school teaching days but my desire to provide kids with opportunities to grow creatively has developed into my full time career. Today I do exactly what I did for play as a kid... I plan, prepare, and present fun and exciting adventures for children to explore, express and think. ART! Every day you will find me immersed in art. I paint, sew, draw, and make cool things with clay. My favorite part of art is sharing it with kids. Come visit me at the Art & Company. I'm committed to bringing your children a wonderful art experience they will cherish for a lifetime!

Standards We Live By

  • Art & Company provides a safe, inspiring, creative atmosphere for children, teens and adults to explore art.
  • Children will be engaged with age appropriate techniques, subjects and projects.
  • Instructors encourage creativity, exploration, self-expression, friendship and fun.
  • We foster a CAN-DO attitude in everyone.
  • Mistakes are okay-they are the stepping stones to learning, growing and achieving your dreams.
  • We build confidence and fun making art.


KIDS DIY STUDIO | Dates & Times on the Class page
DIY Project List Coming Soon | You're kids are going to LOVE this!


1Q: What should my child wear to art class?
A: Old clothes and shoes. Art is messy.
2Q: What if my child is sick for an after school class?
A: Call the studio to let your instructor know your child will miss class. Regular weekly after school classes are allowed one make-up per session. Make-up must be scheduled the same week your child misses class.
3Q: Do I have to pay to reserve my child’s spot in a class, camp or event?
A: Yes. We can’t put a child’s name on a roster without a payment collected.
4Q: Are there refunds for classes, camps, or events?
A: No refunds are given for classes, camps or events at Art & Company. If you contact us 1 week prior to your first class, camp or event start day we can work with you to transfer your purchase to another class, camp or event.
1Q: Do you still have classes on one day school breaks like Presidents Day?
A: Yes, we hold classes on one day school breaks.
2Q: What if my child misbehaves in class?
A: We follow a 3 step behavior management program to work with your child. Art & Company does reserve the right to deny enrollment to students with behavior that disrupts or is a danger to others.
3Q: Are drinks and snacks allowed in classes?
A: Only water drinks are allowed in the studio.
4Q: Do I have to come in to drop off and pick up my child from class?
A: Yes for special events, camps, and weekend classes. Adult must check child in and sign a medical release. At pick up time we do expect an adult to come in and get their child. We will not send a child into the parking area without an adult.